Imagine where you can get, acting in English! Having the chance to enter a Hollywood set a few steps from your house and exchange scenes with a great American Star.

Because Italy has now become an international set in which the search for Italian actors who speak English has become increasingly consistent


And it’s not enough to speak English: you need to know how to act in English. The course “Acting in Englsh” allows you to work on expressiveness and acting through international methods, managed by professional teachers and native speakers, and offers the possibility to acquire rhythms and expressiveness with effective and involving lessons, in a language increasingly requested by the great international co-productions, and not only.

Being directed by authoritative foreign directors, working alongside big-caliber actors, participating in international blockbusters, are the objectives that our course aims at so that every actor can find himself working between a Ben Stiller or a Jude Law, Julia Roberts, Morgan Freeman and many others …