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Hockey, Baseball, American Football, Hockey, Ice Skating, Horse Riding


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Craig Peritz



Craig Peritz has been working as aN actor and director for over twenty years, counting on hundreds of shows. He graduated in Political Science and studied at the Julliard School in New York. He has long professional collaborations with Judith Malina, Hanon Reznikov and Mark Hall Amitin. In 1997 he joined the collective theatrical/social/political Living Theater with which he created dozens of shows, staged on three continents and in different languages. He lives and works in Italy since 1999.



 “I remember when than happened” – Director Alfonso Bergamo, role Gabe

“Quoziente Emotivo” – Director Luca Imperiale, role Steve

“Natale a Londra” – Director Volfango De Biasi, role Security Guard

“In Guerra per Amore” – Director Pif (Piefrancesco Diliberto), role Tenente Monrovia

“Biblical project” – Director David Hansen, role Roman Centurion 2

“Ben-Hur - Director Timur Berkmambetov, role : Market Centurion

“Teh Rambles” - Director Richard Press, role : The Hustler

“Resist” - Director Dirk Szuszies, role : Se stesso

“The Labyrinth” - Director Alfonso Bergamo, role Craig

2012 - “The composition” (short movie), Director Alfonso Bergamo, role: main character. With Vince Riotta


“I Remember When that happened”, Co-Writer - Regia Alfonso Bergamo

“Il Soldatino” (short, 2017),  Co-Writer – Regia Alfonso Bergamo

“Love, Child” (short, 2016),  Co-Writer – Regia Alfonso Bergamo

“Il Ragazzo della Giudecca” (feature, 2016), Head Writer – Regia Alfonso Bergamo

“La Differenza” (short, 2016), Co-Writer – Regia Alfonso Bergamo

“Tender Eyes” (feature, 2014), Co-Writer – Regia Alfonso Bergamo

“The Composition” (short, 2014), Co-Writer – Regia Alfonso Bergamo


“Devils” – Director Nick Hurran, Role News Anchor (Ep. 6)


“Family voices” – Director C. Peritz, Role Director/Voice

“The new Trial” – DirectorC. Peritz, Role Director

“La Donna del Mare” – DirectorC. Peritz, Role Straniero

“Così è ma non pare” – Director C. Peritz, Role Director/Voice

“Resistance” - Director: Judith Malina, Role : Protagonista

“Finale di partita” - Director: Craig Peritz, Role : Clov

“Misha e i lupi” - Director: Craig Peritz, Cinzia Leggieri, Role : Co-director

“The Mask of the Red Death” - Director: Collective Creation, Role : Jester/Narrator

“Enigmas” - Director: Judith malina, Role : Protagonista

“Spazi siderali” - Director: Beppe Varlotta, Role : La Terra

“Great Falls – The last day” - Director: Craig Peritz, Role : Protagonista

“Resist Now” - Director: Judith Malina, Role : Protagonista

“Marat Sade” – DirectorC. Peritz / D. Cucinotta, Role Co- Director

“La tempesta” - Director: Craig Peritz, Ruolo: Ensemble

“Mysteries and smaller pieces” - Director: Judith Malina, Ruolo: Protagonista

“King Lear” - Director: Michael Langham, Ruolo: Ensemble

“Capital Changes” - Director: Judith Malina, Nome Ruolo: Copa

“L’ultimo rogo” - Director: Melo Freni, Role : Protagonista

“Events” - Director: Thomas Walker, Role : Protagonista

“Ste. Marie Among the Huron” - Director: Joseph Turner Cantu, Role : Rejean

“Tainted Blood” - Director: Joseph Turner Cantu, Role : Dvapara

“Of Mice and Men” - Director: Norman Wilkinson, Role : Curly

“Goodly Creatures” - Director: Al Cyrus, Role : Sir Harry Vane

“Burinig Birds” - Director: Doug Bergfeld, Role : P1

“Not in my name” - Director: Judith Malina, Role : Il condannato


“The Castle of Barletta” - Personaggio: Narrator, Note: Artemis Production

“Alberobello” - Personaggio: Narratore, Note: Artemis Production

“Il castello di Barletta” - Personaggio: Narratore, Note: Artemis Productions

“Alberobello” - Personaggio: Narratore, Note: Artemis Production

Traduzione/Doppiaggio in Inglese – Livello Nazionale/Internazionale, specializzato in Cinema/TV e Prose Fiction, inclusa FROZEN DESERT vincitore del RIF 2016 per miglior soggetto.


“Late Night Great Falls” - Regia: Craig Peritz, Ruolo: Host

“Voices and Views” - Regia: Craig Peritz, Ruolo: Guest Host

“Out of Great Falls” - Regia: Craig Peritz, Ruolo: Host



Spot: “Clearasil”