We want to help you bring your story to life in the most compelling way possible. With the right gear and the right team to support you, you can achieve this, creating beautiful and meaningful images. With years of experience and the best partners in the field we are here for you.
We work closely with our partners in order to offer you the perfect solution for all your needs and preferences. From high end cinema cameras to DSLRs; lenses for every type of shoot and camera; perfect lighting for each of your scenes and locations; professional camera supports, dollies and cranes; remote heads; camera stabilization and handheld rigs; grip equipment; audio equipment; filters; electronic and mechanical accessories; monitors; batteries, power cables; generators and trucks.
With a huge inventory of competitively priced, new and used production equipment we have got everything to meet all your needs while still staying within your budget. We work hard to make sure that hiring equipment for your shoot is quick, easy, reliable and affordable..

Cameras (film and digital up to 4K and above, from Cinema cameras to DSLRs)
Lenses (35mm lenses; 16/S16 lenses; DSLR lenses; classic and anamorphic lenses; 4/3″ lenses and more)
Lights (LED lighting; kino lighting; HMI lighting; Tungsten lighting and more)
Support (fluid heads and tripods; remote heads; sliders; jib arms; dollies and cranes; camera stabilization, handheld rigs and more)
Grip equipment (flags and scrims; stands; mounting hardware; miscellaneous grip and more)
Audio (microphones; recorders; mixers; accessories and more)
Filters (diopters; nd filters; polarizers; pro mist; coral; sepia; optical flat; daylight; tungsten; warm; cool and more)
Accessories (monitors, zoom controls; wireless follow focus; wireless video transmitters; timecode scene slates; teleprompter; miscellaneous electronic accessories and more)
Trucks and generators

For your next project in Italy, let us help you with every detail and find the perfect solution at the best price.We can help you create powerful, meaningful and professional video production. If you share our passion and love cinema and our country as much as we do, don’t hesitate: for your next project in Rome and across all Italy choose the best option: choose the professionality and attention to details of Studio Emme Agency.