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Josefina Torino



Full Name:Josefina Torino
Hight:173 cm
Hair Color:Brown
Eye Colour:Brown
Biography:Josefina completed her four year studies in the Metropolitan School of Theatre of Buenos Aires (Escuela Metropolitana de Arte Dramatico, EMAD) at age 22. Her studies in dramatic arts start at age 11 in the Rio Plateado Art School with professor and director Hugo Midon. Then, she performed as an actress, dancer and signer in several classic american musical theatre plays such as An American in Paris (2000), Gypsy (2001), 42 Street (2002) and The Wiz (2003) directed by James Murray.

In EMAD she studies with professors such as Ciro Zorzoli, Hector Beacon, José Cáceres, Horacio "Pucho" Medrano and in year 2007, she is directed by Antonio Celico in the play Antígona Hot, a modern version of the greek classic by Sofocles.
She has completed her acting studies with professors such as Paula Ransenberg in Andamio 90 Theatre, Veronica Gambini in the discipline of japanese Noh and Kabuki stage performance Danza Teatro Kawa, and anthropologic hetre with professor Diego Starosta in El Muererio Teatro. She has been part of the english theatre company "The Buenos Aires Players" founded by Celia Zubiri where she performed in two seasons in years 2004 and 2005 in Much Ado about...Benedick and Beatrice a version of Much Ado about Nothing by William Shakespeare.

As a theatre resercher she worked in the proyect Historización de Salas Porteñas por el Bicentenario (Beca ProTeatro de Proyectos Especiales) directed by Professor Carlos Fos in the Centro de Documentación de Teatro y Danza del Teatro San Martín de la Ciudad de Buenos Aires.

In TV she has performed in music videos, documentaries and fiction, in proyects such as Soloina, music video for the colombian-argentinian band Lulacruza in the role of Iemanja, Desde el Margen co directed by Jonathan Ortegat, Elenco Sarmiento co directed by Nino Oliveri and Traumatic 73 directed by Lucas Nieto.

In 2010, Josefina performed as an actress and dancer in the discipline of aerial theatre in the Desfile Histórico del Bicentenario Argentino by FuerzBruta, directed by Diqui James in the rol of La Argentina. The show traveled in a national tour all through Argentina, including the provinces of Tucuman, Santiago del Estero, Cordoba, Buenos Aires and Chaco. In 2011 Josefina performed with the FuerzaBruta company in their show in the Centro Cultural Recoleta in the city of Buenos Aires and in Tecnopolis.


● Metropolitan School of Theatre Studies of Buenos Aires, 2008. Josefina studies with professors Ciro Zorzoli, Hector Beacon, Horacio Medrano, Jose Caceres, Manuel Longueira and Antonio Celico. Completes the regular couses of four years of study in drama and obtains the title of Actriz Municipal de la Ciudad de Buenos Aires.

● Univeristy of Buenos Aires, History of Art with specialized studies in History of Cinema and Theatre, 2009. Josefina becomes a specialized resercher in the history of world cinema and theatre and takes part in diverse workshops as a profesor in these areas. Recently Josefina has completed her work as a researcher for the Teatro General San Martin of Buenos Aires in the history of the theatrical patrimony of the city through XXth centrury with professors Carlos Fos and Araceli Arreche.

● Kawa. Mastering the art of Oriental Theatre and Dance, 2009. Josefina completes her studies in the art of Noh and Kabuki theatre with professor Veronica Gambini with the Susuki technique.

● El Muererio Teatro, Buenos Aires, 2010. Josefina studies with professor Diego Starosta the art of antrhopologic theatre.


● Hija de la Tierra. Monologue, 2012. Wrote, directed and performed by Josefina Torino with Music Score composed by Ruben Carrasco. Based on the life of Juana Azurduy a latinamerican historic woman that defended her people and their freedom from the spanish army in the XIX Century. Josefina has performed this monologue in Mexico, Argentina and Italy.

● FuerzaBruta . 2011. Director: Diqui James. Fuerza Bruta is a theatre company that performs with aerial theatre, Josefina has been part of the show as an actress, mastering harness and acrobatic theatre.

● National Parade for the 200 th Anniversary of Independance of Argentina. Character: La Argentina. Director: Diqui James.


● 9 July of 2010 at San Miguel de Tucumán.
● 25 July of 2010 in Ciudad de Santiago del Estero.
● 27 September of 2010 in Ciudad de Villa María, Córdoba.
● 20 February of 2011. Estadio Unico de la Ciudad de La Plata, Provincia de Buenos Aires. With the presence of president Cristina Fernández de Kirchner and governor of Provincia de
● Buenos Aires Daniel Scioli.
● 28 de Noviembre de 2011. Tecnopolis with the presence ofl vicepresident Amado Boudou.

● 2010. Jazz, Contemporary dance and Professional Phisical Training. Classes with Julieta Frascara at Silvia Roller Studio.

● 2009. Documentary film “Desde el Margen”. Character: Presentator. Co produced by Belgium-Argentina. Co director: Jonathan Ortegat.

● 2009. Solina. Video for Lulacruza. Character: Iemanja. Co produced by Colombia-Argentina. Director: Lucas Nieto.

● 2008-2011. Clown. Director: Claudio Martínez Bel.

● 2006-2007-2008. Art Photography. Model for the artistic production of argentinian photographer Marcos Lopez.

● 2007. Antígona Hot. Character: La Negra. Director: Antonio Celico.

● 2005-2006. Rectaacion Performance and Theatre Company. Director: Giancarlo Scrocco

● 2006-2011. Theatre of the Opressed and Popular Theatre Techniques. Mexico- Argentina.

● 2004. National Celtic Medieval Theatre Enocunters. Character: White Lady. Company: El Árbol Negro

● 2004. Aquí antes ella. Director: Alejandro Fridman.

● 2004-2005. English Theatre. Company: The Buenos Aires Players by Celia Zubiri.

■ “Much Ado about Benedick and Beatrice” adaptation of “Much Ado about nothing” by William Shakespeare. Director: Betina Menegazzo.

● 2004. Escuela de Teatro Andamio 90 by Alejandra Boero. Director: Paula Ransenberg

● 2000-2003. Musical Theatre. Josefina performed in several classic mucial theatre plays.
Director: James Murray.

■ 2000- An American in Paris
■ 2001-Gypsy
■ 2002-42 Street
■ 2003- The Wiz

● 1995-1997. Actuación Infantil. Josefina started her studies in theatre as a child in Escuela de Teatro Rio Plateado Director: Hugo Midón


● 2011. Agencia Sofía Aquino Modelos. México.

● 2009.Musimundo.

● 2009. Visa. Producer: Pioneer. Director: Joel Garfield. Rol: Secundario.

● 2008. Motorola. Campaña Motorokr.. Producer: Pioneer. Director: Harold Einstein. Agencia: Ogivly-Mather, NY.

● 2008. Telekom. Campaña Telecomuniciones y Servicios de Internet wi fi. Producer: So Chic Producciones.

● 2007. Publicidad para compañía de Medicina Privada de México.

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