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Tennis, Swimming, Volleyball




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Marco Biagioli


2015 HOPELESS, Role: Damien, Lead Role, Husband – Director: Simone Dudley / Production: Simone Dudley

2014 TRIANGLE Lead role, Antonio– Director: Ruoyung Cath / Production: Yang Hanson Ma

2014 MYSTERY, Role: Terry, Drug Dealer – Director: Sajida Farooq Ahmed / Production: Sajida Farooq Ahmed

2014 CONFESSION, Role: John, Murderer – Director: Reece Gibbins / Production: Reece Gibbins

2013 LOVE AND LUST, Role: Josh, Husband, Lead role – Director: Elliot Johns / Production: Elliot Johns

2013 ROSES FOR YOU, Role: Dave, Husband, lead role – Director: Zachary Weckstein / Production: Zachary Weckstein

2013 THE GIFTS OF THE MAGI, Role: Jim, Boyfriend – Director: Stefanía Luque / Production: Brunel University

2013 SIX SECONDS TO DIE Suitor, Lead Role – Director: Edward Scott / Production: Deckchair

2013 MIMIK, Role: Sebastian, Husband – Director: Anton Badstuber / Production: Anton Badstuber

2010 UNDER THE ROMAN SKY, Role: German Soldier, Supporting role – Director: Christian / Production: Duguay Rai

2009 UNTIL THE TIME IS TRUE, Role: Marco, Boyfriend – Director: Angiola Janigro / Production: Angiola Janigro

2009 DOPO QUELLA NOTTE, Role: Marco, Boyfriend – Director: Giovanni Galletta / Production: Rai


2013 APE MAN - HOOKING UP – National Geographic, Kisser, Lead Role – Director: Matthew / Production: Gillbe Blink Films

2013 EURIELLE – Gold, Role: Boyfriend – Director: Lauren Walker / Production: Eurielle

2013 DIZZEE RASCAL - BASSLINE JUNKIE, Role: Insane Man / Production: Universal Island Records Division of Universal Music Operation

2013 GOING APE - AMOROUS COUPLE National Geographic, Kisser, Lead Role – Director: Matthew Gillbe / Production: Blink Films

2011 MEDICO IN FAMIGLIA 7, Role: Renzo Sassu, Biker – Director: Raffaele Verzillo / Production: Publispei

2009 SEX APPEAL, Role: Joshua, Stylist – Director: Alessandro D’Elia / Production: Publispei

2009 LINEA D'OMBRA, Role: Roberto Succo, Killer – Director: Guido Morandini / Production: Rai

2009 BENVENUTI AL CENTRO COMMERCIALE, Role: Paolo, Boyfriend – Director: Paolo Costella / Production: Rai

2009 L'ITALIA ALLO SPECCHIO, Role: Marco, Lover – Director: Filippo Romualdi / Production: Rai

2009 LA STELLA DELLA PORTA ACCANTO, Role: Pierpaolo, Boyfriend – Director: Gianfranco Albano / Production: Rai

2008 CARRAMBA CHE FORTUNA Carramba boy Number 6, Lead Role, Raffaella Carrà / Production: Rai

2007 CAPRI 2, Role: Postman, Supporting Role – Director: Andrea Barzini / Production: Rai


2008 D’AMBRA E D’ARGILLA, Role: Traveller – Director: Raffaele Curi / Prod. Fendi Production

2006 MIME WITH MASKS Pulcinella, Lead Role – Director: Renato Capitani/ Prod. Pegaso Theatre

2007 INTERACTIVE SHOWS Murder, Lead Role Sidney Neri / Prod. Obscura's acting company

2006 LA CONOSCENZA DELL’INGLESE Sinopoly, Lead Role – Director: Antonia di Francesco / Production: Pegaso Theatre

2006 IL LUNGO PRANZO DI NATALE Father and son, Lead Role – Director: Antonia di Francesco / Production: Pegaso Theatre


2015 QATAR AIRWAYS – Going Places Together, Father, Lead Role – Director: Peter Beavis / Production: Redfern Productions

2015 MAMA NATURA Father, Lead Role – Director: Gianpaolo Gelati / Production: Loacker Remedia

2015 CANON PARIS EXPO, Role: Successful Entrepreneur, Lead – Director: Simon Sorted / Production: Kim Moore

2015 BETTER KITTENS Marketer, Lead Role – Director: The Thomas Brothers / Production: The Thomas Brothers

2015 HOT POINT LOVE YOUR FOOD Business Man, Lead Role / Production: Graymatter Production

2015 HOT POINT LOVE COOKING Business Man, Lead Role / Production: Graymatter Production

2015 HOT POINT LOVE YOUR CLOTHES Business Man, Lead Role / Production: Graymatter Production

2014 3WAYDATES Boyfriend, Lead Role / Production: House of QI Production

2014 TAJ HOTELS MOROCCO Boyfriend, Lead Role – Director: Jamie Muir / Production: Jamie Muir

2014 NINE ELMS POINT Boyfriend , Lead Role – Director: Jamie Bourne / Production: Jamie Bourne

2014 THE BOOK TRAILER Akash (Pakistani) Husband, Lead / Production: Silent Symphonies

2014 THE PALM BEACH CASINO Casino Player, Lead – Director: Neil Rostance / Production: FatFree Media

2014 GETTY IMAGES Business Man – Director: Oli Kellett / Production: Oli Kellett

2014 ASCOT Royal, Lead role Niall – Director: Towl Telly / Production: Juice

2014 HÄAGEN DAZS Handsome Man – Director: Will Kenning / Production: Mofilm

2014 9010 Sport Guy Richard Kalina – Director: Richard Kalina

2014 KAZBRELLA Lead Role, Business Man – Director: Shoaib Vali

2014 BADEN CASINO Rich Casino Player – Director: Luis Ventura / Production: Redstone

2014 ONE2DATE Boyfriend, Director: Ben Dodd

2014 JEEP WONDER Determined Man / Production: Rosso Film

2014 FINECO BACIARE Boyfriend Luca Maroni / Production: Movie Magic International

2013 GUCCI PRESENTS: BAMBOO CONFIDENTIAL, Photographer / Production: Gucci Production

2013 THE COTSWOLD COMPANY Husband, Lead role – Director: Osagie Samuel / Production: The Broadcast House

2013 SOFA.COM Scientist – Director: Jack Benson / Production: Nut Films

2013 ASTOR HOSTELS Traveller – Director: Edward Scott Clarke and Bob Denham / Production: Deckchair

2013 KEF HEADPHONES Advertising Campaign, Lead - Director Jonathan Glynn /Prod. Smith Kef

2013 GETTY IMAGES Lead Role Oli Kellett – Director: Oli Kellett

2013 BECKS UNLOCK YOUR CREATIVITY Drinker / Production: Mother Production

2013 RAINFOREST RESCUE House Owner – Director: Tara Cauchi and Mark Paul / Prod.: Sky

2013 NUTELLA FEBRUARY’S SPECIAL DAY Italian guy – Director: Lucy Fazey / Production: Catsnake Production

2013 ALLIANZ Car Owner, Lead Role – Director: Stefano Marini / Production: Mediaset


2012 OUR CHOICES DEFINE US Wise Man, Lead Role – Director: Jonny Briggs Grolsch Beer

2012 STAYWIMI, Role: Singer

2012 MEDIASET PREMIUM CALCIO lead role Driver Mediaset Production

2012 MEDIASET PREMIUM, Role: football supporter Mediaset Production

2012 ALLIANZ – Director: Stefano Marini Mediaset

2011 TELECOM IMPRESA SEMPLICE, Role: Bike Shop Ower – Director: Alessandro D'Alatri

2011 CARILLO Party Guest – Director: Fabio Breccia Mediaset Production

2011 TELETHON 30 HOURS FOR THE LIFE Father Telethon

2011 SAMSUNG GALAXY S2, Role: Driver / Production: Mediaset

2010 ANYCOOL, Role: Business man – Director: Fabio Breccia Mediaset

2010 ORIGINAL MARINES, Role: Father – Director: Fabio Breccia / Production: Mediaset

2010 URBAN RING, Role: Football Player

2010 SAMSUNG FLOOR CLEANER ROBOT, Role: Father / Production: Mediaset

2009 2009 GRAND SOLEIL, Boyfriend, Lead Role – Director: Ricky Tognazzi / Prod. Mediaset

2009 BRACHETTO, Boyfriend, Lead Role – Director: Ruggero Deodato

2009 IGIENE ORALE Father, Lead Role / Production: Health Department

2009 TANTUM VERDE Boyfriend, Lead Role Tantum Verde

2009 AFFARI TUOI, Role: Husband / Production: Rai

2009 METADONE Lead Role, Doctor Molteni / Production: SPA

2008 TOD'S Model Dennis Hopper



2011 FILIPPO LA FONTANA Model Filippo La Fontana Filippo La Fontana