Dear Client,

As part of the contractual obligations undertaken today as your artistic agent, Studio Emme Srl located at via LEONARDO GREPPI 130, 00149  Rome, VAT nr 11219061006, will control the processing of your Personal Data, in compliance with UE Regulation nr 2016/679 and Legislative Decree nr 2003/ 196 Section 13, we hereby notify you of the following.


The Personal Data controller is Studio Emme Srl – P. IVA 11219061006, tel. 06 58 26540, email and you can contact us at any time to receive further information on the policies adopted by our company regarding the protection of Personal Data. 


Responsible for personal data processing is Mr. Sergio Martinelli, appointed by Studio Emme Srl.

The personal data controller has appointed as person responsible for the protection of personal data the lawyer Boryana Gospodinova whose contact details are: telephone 06 323 4903; fax 06 233 202 615.


Personal Data freely provided that are necessary for the conclusion of the contract: personal data as name and surmane, residence data, billing information, email address and telephone number. Any refusal to provide such data will result in the failure or partial execution of the contract. 

Personal Data freely provided which are indicated as optional: additional email and contact addresses. You are free to refrain from communicating such data, without this having any consequences on the availability of the service.


Methods of processing the collected data – the processing and preservation of data will be carried out with the help of computer and / by paper in accordance with the procedures for ensuring its integrity, security and confidentiality. 


Personal Data freely provided will be processed for the entire duration of the relationship established and also subsequently, until the company is subject to conservation obligations for tax purposes or for other purposes, provided by law or regulation, or according to the company internal practices, for a limited period of time.


The Personal Data collected will be processed with all due good practice, lawfulness and transparency, in respect of your rights, fundamental freedoms and, in particular, confidentiality (in compliance with Legislative Decree nr 2003/196, Section 2), guaranteeing you as “Data Subject” the rights pursuant to the Code with regard to personal data protection.


Legal basis of the processing – the company processes the Personal Data lawfully, where the processing is: necessary for the execution of the mandate, a contract of which the interested is a party; or the execution of pre-contractual measures adopted upon request; or is necessary to fulfill a legal obligation; or is based on the express consent.


The data provided will be processed for the following purposes: for execution of contractual obligations as artistic agent; as well as for an effective management of relationships, in particular for: a. correct execution of the service requested by Studio Emme S.r.l.; use, disseminate and publish by the Internet channels indicated below the image of the students in photographic form and / or in the form of an audiovisual recording (which may or may not include their voice); b. legal obligations, connected to civil, fiscal and accounting rules; c. administrative management of the relationship; d. fulfillment of contractual obligations; e. archives management; f. correspondence and fax management.


Photographic material and your image in general, including images in forms other than photographs (such as CD-ROM, DVD etc.) may be conveyed, including via electronic communications networks (internet), to film and television production companies and to parties operating in the audiovisual sector in general recruiting actors for programmes, advertisements, and events destined to be broadcast via communications media (such as advertising agencies, casting agencies etc.).


Your personal data may become known to collaborators and employees of Studio Emme di Sergio Martinelli, solely for contractual purposes, pursuit of their duties as “data processors”, as provided by law.


Your personal data, consisting exclusively of images, may be disseminated by Studio Emme di Sergio Martinelli website (address: ), in order to promote your image among operators in the audiovisual sector, as indeed is your intention having commissioned Studio Emme as your artistic agent. Access is open to the website home page, where one image of the client may be displayed, while to gain access to the other pages, which may contain a photographic portfolio and details of acting experience, it is necessary to register onto the site, giving the name, surname, telephone number and email address of the person intending to register. No information regarding your home address, school, places you visit regularly or telephone number will be communicated and/or disseminated either directly or indirectly on the Studio Emme di Sergio Martinelli website.


Personal Data will be handled as follows: data will be processed both electronically through data processors connected to each other and situated at the Studio Emme di Sergio Martinelli premises, and non-electronically, in observance of current legislation and, in particular, the minimum security measures stipulated.


Accounts data will be communicated to the parties who provide the agency’s accounts and tax services.


Pursuant to art. 13.2 of EU Regulation EU 2016/679, you can at any time exercise the following rights: ask the data controller to access Personal Data, rectification, deletion, limitation, opposition to processing, the portability of the data, as well as proposing a complaint to the supervisory authority.  Specifically, among the rights recognized by the GDPR are:

  • request access to Personal Data and information relating to them; the correction of inaccurate data or the integration of incomplete data; the deletion of Personal Data concerning the data subject (upon the occurrence of one of the conditions indicated in Article 17, paragraph 1 of the GDPR and in compliance with the exceptions provided for in paragraph 3 of the same article); the limitation of the processing of Personal Data (on the use of one of the hypotheses indicated in Article 18, paragraph 1 of the GDPR);
  •  request and obtain from the company – in the cases in which the legal basis of the treatment is the contract or consent, and the same is done by automated means – Personal Data in a structured and readable format by automatic device, also in order to communicate such data to another data controller (so-called right to the portability of personal data);
  •  oppose at any time the processing of Personal Data and the use of special situations that affect the data subject;
  •  revoke the consent at any time, limited to the cases in which the processing is based on the consent of the interested party for one or more specific purposes and concerns common personal data (for example date and place of birth or place of residence), or particular categories of data (eg data revealing racial origin, political opinions, religious beliefs, health status or sex life). The treatment based on consent and carried out prior to the revocation of the same preserves, however, its lawfulness;
  • propose a complaint to a supervisory authority (Authority for the protection of personal data).


The data as described above may be transmitted to European Union member states and third countries for the purposes specified in EU Regulation nr 2016/679  and Section 2 and to the same categories of parties stipulated in Section 2, in accordance with Sections 42 and 43 of Legislative Decree nr 2003/196 by electronic support and without electronic support.