177 cm




Karate (Black Belt), Boxing (Qualified Instructor), Horse riding, Dancing experience


Piano, Piano accordion and Guitar




native speaker




native speaker




school level

Roberto Zenca


Education / Training

2016 - Present Acting, Voice and Singing The Mac Project (Melbourne)

2014 Acting Technique 1 and 2 NIDA (Sydney)

2011-2012 Diploma of Arts (English and Theatre) University of South Australia

2011 Acting Main Theatre Adelaide (Australia)

2008 Acting Accademia D’arte drammatica “Silvio D’Amico”. Rome (Italy)

2006 Degree in Italian Dialectology University La Sapienza. Rome (Italy)

2004 Acting/Diction/Voice/Dance Accademia Ribalte, Teatro Sistina Rome (Italy)

2002 Italian Diction Accademia Dante Alighieri. Florence (Italy)


2016 BURGLARY by Will Godson. Screenkitchen Prod. Melbourne/Australia

2015 LE MATINAL by Gavin Guan. IFS Sydney/Australia

2014 BIRTH: ITALIAN STYLE by Gia Frino. Mint street Film Prod. Sydney/Australia

2014 HEI & LO by McNubb and Flowers. FL Prod. Sydney/Australia.

2014 BREATHE by Mark Swoopy. Jack. IFSS Prod. Sydney/Australia

2013 ANGEL by Bujuanes Livermore. Oliver. Bujuanes Prod. Sydney/Australia

2012 THE GREAT GATSBY by Baz Luhrmann. Mr Don Shwartzie. Warner Brothers Prod. Sydney\Australia

2011 THE GROOMLESS BRIDE by Brad Diebert. Dominic. Cameron Miller Prod. Melbourne\Australia

2011 EIGHT MONTHS LATER by Binu Basheer. Main character. Ifs Sydney Production. Australia

2011 TEARS OF LOVE by Peter Hatemi. Main character. Hatemi Production.Sydney\ Australia

2010 THERE’S A KILLER ON THE ROAD by G.. Neri. Secondary role.  Babylon Production. Italy

2010 L’INTERROGAZIONE by L.Luminelli. Coprotagonist DueA Production Italy

2010 BUUFIS by S.Fraioli. Main character.  ArtStarFilm. Italy

2010 SORE WO TOTTEMIRO by V.Rogante. Main character. NonsoloneroProd. Italy

2009 0 LUX by S.Brizi Main character. Real Dreams Production. Italy

2009 THE PATHFINDER by A. Sartor. The Pathfinder  Masama Entertainment. Italy

2009 Il FIGLIO PIU’ PICCOLO by Pupi Avati. Secondary role.  DueA Film. Italy

2009 IMPOTENTI ESISTENZIALI  by G.Cirillo.  Marco Fondamenta Prod. Italy

2008 IL GRANDE SOGNO by M.Placido. Supporting role. Parkfilm. Italy

2008 GLI AMICI DEL BAR MARGHERITA by Pupi Avati. Secondary role. DueA Film. Italy

2007 IL DIVO by P.Sorrentino. Supporting role. Indigo Film. Italy


2013 DANGER 5 Father Crisci - SBS (Australia)

2012 SOUTH AUSTRALIAN HISTORY DOCUMENTARY Presenter - Triple L Productions (Adelaide)

2010 NAPOLETANGO REALITY TV SHOW Ensemble - Eliseo Theatre Productions (Rome)

2009 NON SOLO MAGRE The Actor - SkyItalia Television (Rome)

2009 DONNA DETECTIVE 2 Marcello Tucci - Rai Television (Rome)

2008 UN MEDICO IN FAMIGLIA 6 Luigi - Rai Television (Rome)

2006 DUE CUORI E UN DELITTO Policeman - Rai Television (Rome)

2005 BYE BYE BABY Supporting Actor - Rai Television (Rome)

2004 IL DOTTOR D E LE DONNE The Doctor D - Mediaset Italia (Rome)


2018 MIDSUMMER NIGHT’S DREAM Oberon - JG Productions (Melbourne)

2017 UNA DONNA ALLO SPECCHIO Raffaele - Adelaide Arts Centre (Adelaide)

2016 MACBETH Banquo - Melbourne Company of Players (Melbourne)

2015 AIDA Ensemble - directed by Gale Edwards. HANDA Sydney – Opera Australia (Sydney)

2014 THE MATILDA WALTZ Roberto - New Theatre (Sydney)

2014 MARY STUART Lord Leicester - Factory Theatre (Sydney)

2013 DANTE ALIGHIERI One Man Show, Australian Tour (Australia)

2013 SEX, DEATH AND CHOCOLATE Ramon, Factory Theatre (Sydney)

2013 13 ROOMS Ensemble, Sydney Theatre Co (Sydney)

2013 A DIFFERENT CLIENT Lead, King Street Theatre (Sydney)

2013 SPIT FOR TAT Lead, King Street Theatre (Sydney)

2012 OVERTURE Ensemble - Hornung Productions (Adelaide)

2012 I LOOKED INTO THE DARKNESS AROUND ME Lead - directed by Dirk Zadra (Adelaide)

2012 TWO COUNTRIES TWO HEARTS Giuseppe - The Clocktower Theatre (Melbourne)

2011 DIALECTS One Man Show, Australian Tour (Australia)

2011 ITALY UNDERNEATH THE HAT One Man Show, Adelaide Fringe Festival (Adelaide)

2010 HAMLET Hamlet - Cinecittà Productions (Rome)

2010 LAST OF THE MOHICANS Lead, Directed by R. Graziani, Quirino Theatre (Rome)

2010 BEATO LUI Devil, Povero Piero Film And Stage Productions (Italy)

2009 PETER PAN Captain Hook, Progetto Roma Productions (Italy)

2009 ZEGNAJ GIUDE Judas, Polish Institute Productions (Warsaw)

2009 LE PETIT PRINCE Ensemble - Progetto Roma Productions (Italy)

2009 NON E’ VERO MA CI CREDO Musciello - L’Eduardiana Productions (Rome)

2008 THE WIZARD OF OZ Scarecrow, Progetto Roma Productions Tour (Italy)

2008 GENESI, LA CREAZIONE Lead - Argentina Theatre and Tour (Italy)

2008 UN LUGAR IN UNA OTRA PARTE EN UNA SILLA Ensemble - Tour (Spain)

2008 SISTER ACT Ensemble - Macromajora Productions Tour (Italy)

2008 LE DERNIER JOUR DU CONDAMNE’ A MORT Lead, Theatre Du Chatelet (Paris)

2008 FOOL FOR LOVE Eddie - Arciliuto Theatre (Rome)

2007 E TUTTO VA BENE Lui - Povero Piero Film And Stage Productions (Rome)

2006 MALEDETTI ARCHITETTI Lead - Vascello Productions (Rome)

2005 LA QUINTA LUNA Carlo - Medea Productions (Rome)

2005 A STREETCAR NAMED DESIRE Stanley - IFS Productions (Rome)

2004 SEI PERSONAGGI IN CERCA D’AUTORE Il Figliastro, IFS Productions (Rome)

2004 LE CUBISTE Carlo - Medea Productions (Rome)

2003 NATALE IN CASA CUPIELLO Tommasino - Cinecittà Productions (Rome)

2002 I PROMESSI SPOSI Don Rodrigo - SGLM Productions Tour (Italy)

2001 AGGIUNGI UN POSTO A TAVOLA Ensemble - Garinei and Giovannini Productions (Benevento)



2013 TELSTRA Radio Commercial. Multiconnections Prod. Australia

2012 RETEITALIA Radio Show. Radioitaliana Melbourne. Australia

2011 BUGS BUNNY Cartoon. ActorsInk. Australia

2011 ITALIAN RADIO ADELAIDE Radio Show.  RadioitalianaAustralia

2010 EUREKA 7 Yroshi Morimohto.  Dubbing. Mtv Italy

2010 FLOOR Pedro.  Dubbing. Sky Television Italy

2009 UN MEDICO IN FAMIGLIA Many roles.  Dubbing. Rai Television Italy

2009 TOOT AND PUDDLE Flick Flock.  Dubbing. Rai Television Italy

2009 MATT AND MANSON Monsters.  Dubbing. Rai Television Italy

2008 JAMES THE CAT Rocky the kangaroo.  Dubbing. Rai Television Italy

2008 ERGO PROXY The Soldier Jack. Dubbing. Mtv Italy



2019 TELSTRA Hipster - Finch Productions (Sydney)

2019 SUD POLAIRE Hero - Ben Thompson Productions (Melbourne)

2017 TOURISM NEW ZEALAND 100% PURE CAMPAIGN Hero - Finch Productions (Auckland)

2016 HOLDEN Hero - BettyWattsIn Productions (Melbourne)

2015 YAHOO 7 Ballroom Dancer - Revolver Productions (Sydney)

2015 MAZDA Waiter - Finch Productions (Sydney)

2014 COMMONWEALTH BANK Ensemble - Finch Productions (Sydney)

2014 PRIME PROFESSIONAL Hero - Sam Nam Productions (Sydney)

2014 SCHWEPPES Waiter - W. O’Rourke (Sydney)

2014 DARE Basketball Player - Finch Productions (Sydney)

2013 GILLETTE Boyfriend - Liquid Content Productions (Sydney)

2012 SKILLS FOR ALL Engineer - Pony Productions (Adelaide)

2011 BRIDAL DISCOUNT BOOK Groom - Scheffilm Productions (Adelaide)

2011 SPECSAVERS Hero - Rinaldi Productions (Sydney)

2011 PINOT GRIGIO Violinist - J Aubert (Adelaide)

2007 FIAT 500 Hero - Saveri Productions (Rome)