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Rosabell Laurenti Sellers in “Mia and Me”

“Mia and Me” is the the latest title of a new animated adventure, a split between live-action and CG animation, this new show is a co-production along with Rainbow, the company behind hit projects like the Winx Club and Huntik.

This new series was presented as a saga by mixed media and is a mix of live-actors and 3D animation. Mia and Me will be presented at Mipcom in Cannes of 2010 and will come to television in 2011.

The story centers on twelve-year old Mia (Rosabell Laurenti Sellers), who faces a hard life in boarding school after her parents die in a terrible accident. Through a holographic game console inherited from her father, Mia discovers that she can speak to Yoko, the heroine of a video game, through the computer monitor.

Mia is transformed into the figure of an elf and enters the mysterious world of Centopassi, a magical place Mia’s father had originally created in the computer game. The peaceful world is threatened by the evil queen Centopassi Panthea, who wants to steal the ivory horns of unicorns in order to become immortal. Yoko asks Mia to help her as without Mia, he has no chance of saving the last unicorns of Panthea from the terrible Panthea and her goons, the Munculus.

The show splits between Mia in real life and the animated world of Centopassi. Existing in two worlds, Mia must address the challenges that each take the world will face.

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