Studio Emme S.r.l. has been successfully operating since 1983 in the promotion of actors in cinema and television productions. The reliability and professionalism which has always distinguished the work of Sergio Martinelli, today flanked by Sara Martinelli, is certainly the strength that has allowed him to consolidate his experience over the years and become a point of reference for the most important national and international productions.
Appreciated as professionals not only for their scouting skills, but also for the competence
of their valid collaborators, Sergio and Sara Martinelli have always considered 
it a priority to protect the image of their artists, ensuring, today as yesterday, reliability with respect to their rights and in the performance of all contractual phases.
Studio Emme S.r.l., in collaboration with Associazione Culturale Mondo Artistico, also 
provides artistic training for those who have not yet gained significant experience, but possess the qualities and the talent to become actresses or actors capable of facing up to a set. The fruits of this work we can, in fact, find in many boys and girls, who initially came to our school as students, but left as actors engaged in considerable roles, in important productions.
Considering the excellent results obtained with our students, many of them involved in important sets with prestigious roles, Studio Emme S.r.l. has expanded its boundaries, bringing its enterprises to two big and important centres of the Cinematographic and Television scene – Turin and Naplesin two new collaborations, with TMA – Torino Musical Academy and with the BdS Academy of Naples.
A stimulating and rewarding path that allows children from all over Italy to reach the 
artistic standards and the reliability required by Studio Emme both in the North or in the South, and to enjoy the same professionalism and training structure that is provided by the courses in Rome.”
Lately Studio Emme has also extended its activity to the independent production of short films and web series.

We started our journey working with young actors: helping them to find their place in the film industry. Our talent agency started small but over the years became a leader in the field and launched the careers of many actors in the Italian and international cinema and television landscape. Then we took another step forward: our agency became also an actor’s training center, a place where our actors could discover and explore their talents and hone their skills before going out there to work in “the business”.

Over the years we became a point of reference and a leader in the field, but we didn’t settle for that, we wanted to do more for cinema in our country. We wanted Italy to return to the forfront in the international film industry. Holding tight to our original dream, we decided to move forward. Another step, a new beginning for a greater future.

We are more than proud to announce that Studio Emme Agency is now in the first line in Italy to assist international productions shooting projects in Rome and all across the country. We assist you in every detail of every step, from planning and scheduling your castings in our spaces, finding the right actors inside and outside our agency, rehearsals in our studios, costume fittings (and storage) as well as helping obtain equipment at the best price. We also specialize in location scouting as well as locating accommodations for your production team, cast and crew during all stages and across all the phases of your project. All this, keeping your budget in mind (because size doesn’t matter to us) and listening carefully to your needs and preferences while aiming to make your stay and shoot in Rome and Italy as productive, happy and memorable as possible.

We truly believe in our dream and want to assist you in creating powerful, meaningful and professional film and video production in our country. If you share our passion and love cinema as much as we do, consider letting us guide you through your next project in Italy. Choose the best option: choose the professionality and attention to details of Studio Emme Agency. Let’s work together!