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The Wholly Family – A New Short Film

Terry Gilliam will be shooting a new short film, “The Wholly Family,” with filming to begin next month in Naples. The project boasts an original script by Gilliam and the film is being sponsored by the Italian pasta company Garofalo as part of an annual series of films about Naples. Gilliam, cinematographer Nicola Pecorini and costume designer Gabriella Pescucci, will be collaborating once again with the director, while casting calls are out for Americans to take the lead roles of father, mother and young son characters. Italian actors will be looked for to fill in supporting roles.

Studio Emme Agency is pleased to announce that one of the agency’s junior actors, Nicolas Chonnolly, has been chosen for the main role of the son, whose character is called “Boy”.

The finished film will apparently run about 15 minutes in length and shooting will take place between January 10th and 16th.

The Wholly Family

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